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IT Expert Witness ~ Some clients:

Clients include (alphabetic order)

        -  Successfully:

counselled Forestry, Timber and building group - successful expert opinion and casebuild re failed systems implementation;
guided Fujitsu Siemens versus joint venture Logicomm with Hewlett Packard/Synstar  takeover; advised in dispute regarding UK  and European-wide: IT engineering, business and technical transformation;
advocated Gizmondo (in Liquidation) versus Joseph Marten – Expert Witness investigating underlying authenticity and contemporary metadata: emails, word and other documents;
Global bank versus M and ANR re veracity of financial work-flow and system failure;
acted in ITSL & ERG -ats- PTTC (Supreme Court, Australia] high profile IT systems failed Integrated Ticketing and Transport System: claim for AU$90m, with a cross-claim for AU$200m+;
prescribed Major international energy company in its dispute over the quantum of damages $15m+, appropriate for replacement of a Government Data Centre after its destruction in an accident for which it was held liable;
provided opinion re digital rights and underlying failed cryptography in criminal case;
acted in Telecom versus Another Telecom (National Infrastructure cabling and IT servers);
counselled Warner Bros versus 20thC Fox re worldwide distribution Joint Venture;
steered Xerox – re dispute with SAP for failed €100m+ system;
acted in Zurich financial services including Farmers USA insurance versus Wipro systems.